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Dreams & Visions

What are dreams and visions?

Where do they come from?

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Sharon's Dream

I had a crazy dream this morning. I dreamt I was at a game show hosted by the black Drew Carey guy. Some of my friends were there. At one point in the show the host asked for people who could write to raise their hands. I looked at my friends and they all said while prodding me, "You better go up there." So I went up with two other people-a woman and a man. Both were white. The host gave each of us a short poem and from that poem we were to write a short story or something really creative in a certain amount of time. Someone else would then paint a picture on a board of our stories, bringing one form of art alive to another form of art. Audience response would determine who won. The other interesting thing is that part of the dream took place at my old house (7018 5th Avenue). I remember leaving the audience area and going to what I thought would be the back of the studio - but it turned into my old 7018 5th Avenue bedroom where I hunted for a pad to write on. (I found an area in the room with lots of papers, including a pad that was filled with previous writings and then an old thin empty one). I then went to the bathroom to spit out a huge flow of spittle and then made it back to the rear of the studio, seating myself behind some not so very friendly audience members. I accidentally bumped against a woman's hair and made some few noises. After I hunkered down in my seat, I tried to write but felt pressured, nothing would flow.  I made several false starts. The host began to encourage us, while he slightly pressured us to do it at the same time.

Now here is the interpretation I received for Sharon's dream:


1.Game: Sharon has to get serious about her gift. This is what is the word game represents. 2.Writing: This is the theme of her dream. Writing is mentioned in some form (poem) more than six times. 3.Host: Sharon is an actress. The host represents confronting her fears of people in authority. She has to be confident when auditioning. 4.Audience and Friends: These people represent Sharon's need for validation or pleasing others. She is so preoccupied with people (in the dream) that she mentions two strangers and the color of their skin. She really wants to be accepted. 5.The address 7018 5th Avenue: Her old residence represents her childhood. This is a place where she feels safe and comfortable. 6.Lots of papers: The papers all over the place represent confusion. Sharon has to continue organizing and prioritizing her future. 7.Three pads: The three pads represent her past, present, and future. She looks for pads because they represent something she is familiar with or a place she feels confident. 8.Pressure/Spittle: Sharon is so terrified of rejection and overwhelmed with pressure in the dream that she removes herself to her childhood address. The pressure is so great that she gets sick and has to spit up. 9.Hunkered down: Sharon has to focus and take control of her sometimes overwhelming emotions that cause her to run. She has to write with a sense of purpose and focus on her career. 10. Host encourages: Sharon has to deal with rejection in spite of authority, the pressures of time or people and exercise her God-given talent no matter what. Sharon's time (season) for greatness has come!nge Image




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