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Check out the Music Collection below.  Shipping and handling is included in the price of each item.



1. Lift Every Voice and Sing

2. New Orleans Medley

3. God Has Smiled On Me

4. This Little Light Of Mine 

5. Jesus Christ Is The Way 

6. Walk With Me

7. Precious Lord Take My Hand 

8. Karen 

9. After Hours 

10. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Instrumental)

"From This Moment On"


1. I Love To Praise Him (dancing Machine)(feat. Chaz Shepherd)

2. Andre Crouch Medley (feat. Erick Walls)

3. Since You Touched Me (feat. Traci Brown-bailey)

4. I'm Going Up Yonder (feat. Alex Acuna)

5. Eva (broken Dreams) (feat. Mindi Abair & Paul Jackson Jr.)

6. Laval's Mood

7. Jesus (jamaica Funk) (feat. Markita Knight & Arturo Solar)

8. God Will Take Care of You (feat. Jonathan De'bose)

9. The Lord's Prayer

10. One Friend (feat. Bobette Jamison-harrison & Keb'Mo')

11. Just Bottom (feat. Laval Belle, Sekou Bunch & J Oliver)



1.Oh Happy Day

2.Back Porch (Guitar) Medley


4.Love, Joy, Peace

5.You Never Change

6.Amazing Grace

7.Thank You

8.Center of My Joy

9.Have Your Way


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"Your Dreams and Visions"


Your Dreams and Visions

-Recurring dreams

-Remembering your dreams and visions

-What are nightmares?

-Interpreting your dreams

-Are you a gifted dreamer?

-Angelic Visitation-Visions ignite purpose

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"The Saint and Sexual Addiction"


What is sexual addiction? Can a person claim sanctity while struggling with addiction?Are people born with addictions?

We are certainly born with desires! After three obvious attempts to uncover the secret of Samson's strength, what drove Samson to lie in Delilah's lap a fourth time--a decision that cost him his sight and led to his eventual destruction? 

While denial is a driving force of addiction, sexual addiction also flourishes in an atmosphere of compulsion and shame. Shame, however, is the foundation issue to recovery.

"Your Gifts Are Not Your Purpose"


What is the difference between natural gifts and spiritual gifts?

What is your spiritual gift?


How to maximize your potential through spiritual gifts.

"Love In All The Wrong Faces"


When you look for love in all the wrong faces, in all the wrong faces, you’ll find yourself in uncontrollable places. What causes us to look for love in all the wrong places? It is lack of security? Love is the most securing entity in our universe. The lack of love breeds various insecurities, what the author calls, Wrong Faces. These faces have many names such as Rejection, Anger, Abandonment, Sexuality, Disappointment, Abuse, Religion, Racism, Addiction, and the most celebrated face, Attention.

"Why I Don't Pay Tithes"


Will a man rob God?

Many are possibly being robbed with this very passage of scripture. Sometimes out of ignorance and other times with penetrating intent.

I have not discovered any scripture that either requires or instructs a believer to pay tithes under grace. NOT ONE!Under grace there is not a curse but consequences, not guilt but grace; not laws but love, not condemnation but compassion.

Not an amount, just on His Account!

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Check out the Book Collection below.  Shipping and handling is included in the price of each item.

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"Heritage" The Book


A songbook of all the transcribed music of the Heritage CD.

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